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This package is designed with commuting or light touring in mind.  The upper range is 60-80kms when the rider is putting in a moderate amount of effort.  The package includes a powerful Bafang BBS02 500w mid-drive motor, colour display and a 13/14Ah downtube battery installed on your bike.  It includes a Shift Sensor for smooth gear shifting and all cables, wiring and cable management installed.  Turn-around time is approximately 2-3 days.

  • Installation of a Bafang BBS02b 500w kit and downtube battery on a standard bicycle (ISO bottom bracket 68-72mm)
  • Colour display
  • 13Ah/48V battery + charger
  • Includes all kit elements noted
  • Includes Shift Sensor installation, new shift cable (if required)
  • Mounting and proper torquing of all elements
  • Installation of customer supplied pedals
  • All Shop Supplies, cable management, bolts
  • Testing and minor adjustment of shifting and brakes
  • Additional parts & labour not included in base price (e.g. installation of new chain/cassette, brake pads)
  • Non-standard bicycles with pressfit or 100-120mm bottom brackets will be quoted individually as most require additional parts
  • Please clean bicycle prior to dropoff or additional cleaning charges will apply
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eBike Conversions and Repairs

e-CycleVictoria, your local eBike experts

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12 reviews for The Commuter Package (60-80km range)

  1. Bob E

    Could not be more pleased with the installation of the Bafang motor kit on my Townie Electra. The bike is so comfortable and gets me up the largest hills I can find. Love riding this bike — thanks!

  2. Dave Mitchell

    I was hoping to get back into riding my bike, but at 63, the legs are just not as powerful as they used to be. I found a great bike locally and with the help of the team at e-cyclevictoria, had it converted to an ebike. Longest ride to date was 73kms to Sidney and back and I still had 30% of my battery left.

  3. Stuart Labron

    I was very lucky to find Terry and I’m really happy I made the plunge to convert my hybrid to an electric assist bike. Terry service was exceptional and the turnaround time was amazing. Thanks for your help and all the great tips

  4. Bill Hawke

    After shopping around for an E bike I had the commuter package installed on my Specialized Crosstrail. The price was less than a new bike, and I got to keep the bike I like.
    I submitted an inquiry online and Terry got back to me right away answering all of my questions. I dropped my bike off on a Monday and it was ready by Wednesday. There was a battery issue, but Terry looked after it and delivered my bike to me when it was fixed.
    The acceleration is really impressive and it flies up hills. Everything I was looking for. Highly recommended!

  5. Kyle

    Super fast service, very knowledgeable, had my back back to me very quick and it is super fun to ride. cannot recommend enough

  6. Nat Klein

    We recently picked up our Norco Indie that Terry converted. What a fantastic e-bike – a joy to ride. The clean installation of all components really matters, and this is as good as it gets. We also appreciated Terry’s information on battery maintenance and enhancing security. We could not be more pleased!

  7. David Wilkinson

    Terry did a fantastic job transforming my bike to a very enjoyable ride, great communication, and very fast turnaround, excellent bike mechanic and very knowledgeable. Had a glitch with the rear cassette being too worn , but once that was replaced all was good.

  8. Helen Durie

    I’m really enjoying my step-through converted ebike, the commuter package. I was happy to find e-cycle online after learning that conversion was possible. Terry Pettigrew was easy to deal with, provides a range of useful resources online, was readily available for follow up questions. Another positive is that the converted bike is lighter than a new electric bike. I’m riding my bike more since the conversion.

  9. Caitlin Alder

    When I first inquired about the conversion service I got a very helpful and timely reply from the shop owner. Ended up dropping my bike off for service a couple of days later and it was finished so quickly, and picked it up the same day. He did great work on my 6 year old hybrid bike and now getting around the city without a car will be so much easier.

  10. Mario

    I am biking to work every day, including winter. The distance is not impressive but due to injuries in my young years my knees hurt. Finding was a great luck. Terry is quick, knowledgeable and a great person. Businesses where the customer receives such attention are rare nowadays.
    When I first took my converted bike, I got so excited, I biked around for 17 km just for fun. I went to the top of mount Doug and some other places that I had remembered as hard to climb. It was such a joy, I simply could not stop cycling so I did not notice it became dark. My wife called me to tell me I had no light. But I did have one – Terry had installed a front light as part of this kit.
    To my colleagues I summarize the practicality of having an e-bike this way:
    — You arrive at work not tired and not sweating!

    Keep the excellent work Terry!

  11. Amanda G-J

    I’m delighted with my “upcycled” bike! When I inquired, Terry responded right away and was able to install my package the same day. Without having to struggle up hills, riding around Victoria and area is a total joy.

  12. Collette

    Really happy with my conversion of my beloved Dutch bike to be an e-bike! I had been thinking about it for a while and was weighing up conversion vs. buying a new e-bike. Terry helped me with all my questions and provided tons of info. Once I decided on a conversion, service from Terry was great, he was really responsive, knowledgeable and fast. He had me on the road in less than a day, and responded really quickly to an issue I had in the first week (battery was loose on rack.) Would highly recommend Terry and his services!

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